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Archiváře Teplého 102, 387 06  Malenice

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383 390 134,
724 058 536


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The Fairytale Region of the Šumava Foothills

Museum of Czech Puppets and Circus

The exposition of the Prachatice National Museum is dedicated to the history of Czech puppets from the oldest puppeteers through family and club themuzeumatres to the professional theatres. Apart from the traditional devils and clowns, there are puppets made according to the designs by Mikoláš Aleš, Vojtech Sucharda or Jiří Trnka. The exposition also includes famous historical scenes of puppet shows. The other part of the museum presents a circus arena with trapezes, the Persian bar, unicycles, juggling tools and circus costumes. There is a unique historical travelling spectacle – a waxwork display of the heads of historical personalities and a moving mermaid.muzeum

Velké náměstí 43
38301 Prachatice
Telephone: 388385716


Paper Nativity Scenes in Zábrdí u Husince

At present the largest exhibited collection of paper nativity scenes in the Czech Republic. There are more than 800 nativity scenes by Czech and foreign authors, designs from Pakistan, Greece, Germany and ZÁBRDÍItaly, with new scenes being installed all the time. There are winter and summer, urban and rural scenes, eastern and typically Czech scenes, scenes with deserts and wild nature. The largest one is 3.7 meters; the smallest one is contained in a matchbox. The oldest original print comes from 1898 but there are reprints with much older dates. Comments accompany the scenes accounting for the history and development of nativity scene production in Bohemia and Moravia, present production, and interesting facts about authors. Articles published in newspapers, lifestyle magazines as well as regional magazines and participation in radio programmes are also displayed.

Zábrdí u Husince čp.1ZÁBRDÍ
Tel.: +420 388 332 032
Mobile: +420 737 658 054