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Civic association

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Archiváře Teplého 102, 387 06  Malenice

phone number: 

383 390 134,
724 058 536


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L O C A L     P R O D U C T I O N

Cais Bakery in Vlachovo Březí

Everybody knows the bread from the bakery in Vlachovo Březípekařství Cais. It tastes like the bread our ancestors used to make in every Šumava household. The products of the Cais Bakery have a distinct bread flavour and long durability thanks to the high content of rye flour. All baked products are handmade. Some bear the label Original Product ŠUMAVA and South Bohemianpekařství Cais Taste. You can buy them at any shop in Vlachovo Březí as well as in the shops all over the region.

Tel.: +420 388 320 021, +420 388 329 236

Mlýny Trout Fishery

The Mlýny trout fishery in Žár u Vacova focuses on breeding and sale of salmonoid fish, pstruhařství Mlýnyparticularly rainbow trout, brook trout anpstruhd sturgeon. The fish are kept in the Spůlka River under the best conditions which provides them with the quality of an ecological product and a product labelled with: Original Product ŠUMAVA.

Contact Information:
Žár 25, 384 73 Vacov-Žár
Telephone: +420 388 431 036
Web pages:


Basket Weavingkošíkář

Basket weaving is a traditional craft in many parts of the world. However, you can enjoy the extraordinary local work of Mr. Masopust in Litochovice, where you can also buy some of his products.

košíkářMasopust Josef
Litochovice 35, 38701 Volyně
Tel.: 383 373 618