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Civic association

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Archiváře Teplého 102, 387 06  Malenice

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383 390 134,
724 058 536


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Dub Palace

The Dub palace, which has been reconstructed several times, stands in a small park at the centre of the village of Dub, about 15km far from Prachazámek Dubtice and it is a typical example of neo-Gothic architecture. The castle lay neglected for fifty years during communism and the present owner is trying hard to reconstruct the castle. It is open to public. The current owners will be happy to show you around. Some of the newly repaired rooms are now used aszámek Dubzámek Dubgallery or exhibition hall. Various interesting cultural events take place there throughout the year.

The Battaglia Family
Zámek Dub čp. 1, 384 25 Dub

Tel.: 603 906 219

Hus Castle

Hrad HUSGo for a romantic stroll to the Hus castle. The ruins of the 13th century castle stand on a beautiful rocky promontory above the Blanice River, which winds around the whole place. Be careful not to step over the wandering root as legend says that whoever crosses over it will wander lost through the forest for three days. Allegedly, the White Lady appears there as she protects the ancient treasures.Hrad HUS

And how to get there? Start at the Křišťanovický Lake and follow the blue trail up to the castle.