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Civic association

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Archiváře Teplého 102, 387 06  Malenice

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383 390 134,
724 058 536


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Natural Heritage of the Region

Hus’s Linden Tree in Chlístov

When Master Jan Hus left Prague and wandered through the South Bohemian countryside he often preached in the open according to his role model: Jesus Christ. Once, people gathered at the linden tree near the village ofHusova lípa Chlístov where Master Jan Hus told his teachings. Years passed by and a farmer wanted to cut it down for the wood. However, before he could do that, a local farmer bought the tree with the surrounding meadow. Since then, the Bohemians respect the tree and guard it as the heritage of their fathers. The tree is about 670 years old and the circumference of its trunk isHusova lípa 962cm.

And how to get there? You can start the day hiking trip in the centre of Prachatice, from where you will follow the green trail through Oseky, Zábrdí and Kratušín to Chlístov.



Husova lípa