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Civic association

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Archiváře Teplého 102, 387 06  Malenice

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383 390 134,
724 058 536


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Religious Sights of the Region

St. Adalbert’s Church in LštěníKostel Lštění

This 13th century church sits atop the the romantic surroundings of a hill (890m above the sea level), from which there is a beautiful view of the countryside. Between 1739 and 1741, it was reconstructed in the Baroque style. Near the church is a chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Adalbert’s chapel from the first Kostel Lštěníhalf of the 18th century built above a spring. The vicarage is also a notable building.
There is a legend that says St. Adalbert stoppKostel Lštěníed at this hill when he was leaving his homeland, drank some water from the spring and blessed Bohemia.

Roman Catholic Parish at Čkyně
384 81 Čkyně 51 
Tel.: 388 423 240

Tip: Join the traditional April St. Adalbert Fair in Lštění.


Chapel of the Virgin Mary of Lourdes in Chroboly

Kaple ChrobolyThe sacred jewel of the this village is a late 19th century chapel that was originally called “At the Holy Spring” because of the local pond which waters could heal ocular diseases. It was the centre of religious life for the whole region. After the displacement the German inhabitants in 1946, the chapel was condemned to destruction during the communKaple Chrobolyistic regime. However, the citizens of Chroboly managed to save the chapel and had it repaired.


The Municipality of Chroboly
Chroboly 91
38404 Chroboly
Tel: 388323126