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Welcome to the Šumava Foothills!

The following information describes trips for visitors exploring the beauty of the Šumava foothills. During the time when the Šumava foothills are crowded with tourists, it is good to know that this region offers interesting and unique places worth visiting; be it on foot, bicycle or car.

The beauty of this region has attracted many visitors including famous historical personalities such as the Czech writer Jan Neruda and Ladislav Stehlík, a poet and writer who walked through many of these hills depicting the countryside in his work. The region also inspired many artists, such as the Boháč brothers, Josef Krejsa and Cyril Chramosta.

The region of Šumava encompasses a large area stretching from Javorník to Ktiš, offering a wide range of activities to satisfy the most demanding requests, whether leisure tourists or active recreation.

Outlook towers offer a view of the the region from Javorník, Libín or Mářský vrch and an observation tower at the ruins of the Helfenburk castle all allow the viewer to take in the diversity and richness of the countryside from the forested highlands to the lowlands with hamlets and towns among the fields. The countryside is literally seeded with historical sights whether they are small village forts, picturesque Bohemian folk Baroque buildings or splendid burgher homes in Prachatice.

Nature lovers will find a lot of nooks with undisturbed environments; craggy gorges at the upper flow of the gold and pearl bearing Blanice river, rare red yews around Ktiš, memorable old trees, under which Master Jan Hus used to preach, or just simple meadows with blooming orchids in the spring.

The region may be visited in any season but it is truly unforgettable in autumn, during the Indian summer, when the air is clear and bright and offers distant panoramas of the colourful region. In winter visitors can make use this ski resorts on Javorník. Friendly locals will take care of you after a tiring trip in the local guest houses, restaurants and pubs.

We wish you a happy and pleasant visit in the Region below Šumava foothills!